Meet Other Players International Tournament

zondag 28 mei 2023   |   09:00 - 00:00   |   Bovenbar clubhuis MOP, Clubhuis MOP, Miniveld, Veld 1, Veld 2, Veld 3, Veld 4

We are very happyto announce that we will organize our international tournament Meet Other Players again 28th and 29th of May! 

This great tournament is for boys and girls (aged 12-14 years), playing top hockey or IDC in the Netherlands or high-level hockey abroad. 

The past years we have welcomed teams from Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and France. Dutch U14-teams of HDM, Pinoké, KZ, Spandersbosch, Gooische, Rood-Wit, Laren, Athena, Groningen, Hurley, Upward, Leonidas and Maastricht joined the tournament. 

Besides high-level hockey, Meet Other Players is a fun tournament with a party on Sunday and an overnight stay with a host family in Vught.